Inception’s Digital Copy GOTCHA!

Poor form Warner Bros. (WB) Poor form.

If you buy the Inception Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy edition, you will not find a Digital Copy disc in the packaging!

You find this out AFTER you have purchased said edition and open it up. Inside you get the Blu-Ray disc, the DVD disc, and a “Special Features” Blu-Ray disc…

Ominously missing is the Digital Copy disc that you typically get if you have purchased a version that includes a Digital Copy.

Looking at the papers included inside the package, there is a sheet titled: “How to get your iTunes or Windows Media Digital Copy of Inception”… which has three steps: 1: Go to a website, 2: Follow the instructions to get your Digital Copy, 3: When prompted enter the authorization code.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

To get your Digital Copy, you have to have a broadband internet connection to download the video! With a Digital Copy disc, iTunes will “download” it from the disc – saving you the typical GB+ bandwidth.

So here I am downloading a 2.05GB STANDARD DEF version of Inception, because WB wanted to save some money by not having to include a separate disc for the Digital Copy!

“But you should have read the fine print on the packaging.”

Bull Shit!

First off, I purchased this from Amazon, it didn’t say that I would have to broadband internet connection to DOWNLOAD the Digital Copy version. The packaging state the requirements which in and of it’s self is an oxymoron:

[…] Consumer must […] have a broadband Internet connection and a DVD-ROM drive.

Why do I need an F’ING DVD-ROM drive when you make me download the Digital Copy edition?! Assholes!

Way to go WB, now I’m pissed and I haven’t even gotten to the point where I can watch the movie yet.

EDIT: And now, add the fact that the download has stalled at 1.3x GB of 2.05 GB! Assholes!

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