OS X Mavericks Sucks [Update #9]

OS X Mavericks (10.9) has been the WORST OS X upgrade/version that I’ve experienced, I’ve been using OS X since 10.2!

I’m adding and removing bullets on this list as I continue to fight OS X Mavericks (10.9).
I encourage you to click through and read the updates.

Short list…10.9

  • Out of four five installs, it completely botched one resulting in a formatted HD, thus forcing me reinstall it again and restore data from the backup (wasted time)
  • The removal of skeuomorphism in the Notes app has turned a great app into a boring, strange color/textured mess. Give me back my yellow legal pad looking Notes.app!
  • The addition of iBooks.app removed the Books area from iTunes – thus producing constant sync errors for all of my iOS devices
  • The “updated” Activity Monitor is SHIT. Seriously “memory ‘pressure'”? WTF is memory pressure? Give me back my Wired, Active, Inactive, and Free listings. OS X (especially Mavericks) doesn’t release Inactive memory fast enough. My 16GB of RAM is almost always 15.99GB Used since this upgrade!

  • I can’t type in the “purge” command into terminal now without first doing “sudo”. Pre Mavericks I had made an Automator app that could free up “Inactive” RAM by sending the purge command. That’s now useless.
  • Removal of the Memory usage (pie chart) for the Activity Monitor dock icon
  • “App Nap”: some apps support it, other’s don’t… it’s one more thing you have to remember to check or uncheck depending on the app. I have a few that stopped working/froze because of “App Nap”. Yes I like the idea, but I’m not sure it should be ENABLED by default!
  • For days after upgrading, my display never went to sleep, and my screen saver never kicked in on it’s own. I have no clue what the hell was going on but I threatened it enough that it’s now cooperating… although there were days where my display was on all day and I didn’t know it until I returned.
  • For about three days after upgrading, the fan in my MBP was spinning at full blast under the simplest of CPU load. My once quite MBP turned into a jet engine monster.
  • A machine I upgrade at work won’t show up in Apple Remote Desktop until I physically go tap a key on the keyboard. Apparently OS X is turning off the WiFi card or something thus preventing me access until I wake up the screen. Yes the computer is on, just the display is off. It was fine under Mountain Lion, but broken under Mavericks.
  • Moving of the Network Utility from the Utilities folder to a deep system folder. A symlink would have been nice!
  • Work Around published 2013/11/08 by AppleMavericks Server – Update Server: doesn’t work with Mavericks clients! I can’t believe they “forgot” to enable that. Seriously I have Mavericks clients that can’t communicate with my Mavericks Server to get local software updates. Unbloody believable.
  • Fixed 2013/11/07: Changes to Mail.app has turned it (which was solid) into a flaming pile of shit… crashing for no good reason…
  • Fixed 2013/12/19 Added 2013/11/02 – Mavericks Server: I’ve lost my VPN service… it won’t allow outside connections! I even reformatted and started fresh… still no joy. Read more at Apple’s Forums: here & here
  • Added 2013/11/02 – I’m going to blame Mavericks, because I can (even though it’s probably just coincidence). Mavericks killed my server’s HD.
  • Added 2013/11/04 – Forgot to add this one – Mail.app removed my custom flag color labels, and reverted them back to Red, Orange, etc. I was using those colored flags with specific labels. Luckily I remember what each meant to me, but come on.
  • Added 2013/11/04Mail.app lost the ability to change the flag color labels. You are now stuck with Red, Orange, etc. This solution still works under Mavericks, so cross one of the list! . . .
  • Added 2013/11/07 – Mavericks does not allow AirPort Utility 5.6.x to work, unless you modify system files (that should not be modified). AirPort Utility 5.6.x is required for OLD 802.11G (only) devices (such as old AirPort Express) that are still good for specific purposes and in commission…
  • Added 2013/11/12 – Apple Updates Mavericks Server (3.0) not to “fix” VPN but to fix “Profile Manager”. Seriously? Get your shit together Apple!
  • Added 2013/11/12 – Apple suggests you use a less secure VPN (PPTP) since their L2TP is broken. Look at this KB Article“This can happen if the client and server are behind different [NAT] gateways”. No shit Sherlock that’s how VPNs work!
  • Added 2013/11/16 – With 10.9 and Apple Remote Desktop 3.7 – Apple lost it’s recipe to it’s secret awesome sauce to smooth remote control. Access to remote clients using Remote Desktop is slow, cursor movement is annoyingly laggy. There is also graphic degradation. (What’s worse is this is happing on a gigabit network!)
  • Added 2013/11/16 – While controlling a 10.9 computer via Apple’s Remote Desktop app (latest version), the “Lock Screen” feature (part of the Apple Keychain app) is broken. It simply dims the screen, allowing you immediate re-access to the computer. – “Lock Screen” should immediately LOCK the screen requiring the user password like it does for 10.8.x, 10.7.x, etc.

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