Linkage • 2014.09.18 – 2014.09.19

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emojicon.png Apple’s Patriot-Act-detecting “warrant canary” dies | Boing Boing

emojicon.png No, Apple probably didn’t get new secret gov’t orders to hand over data | Ars

emojicon.png Updated iTunes Store Terms and Conditions | Apple

emojicon.png A message from Tim Cook about Apple’s commitment to your privacy. | Apple Privacy

emojicon.png How Cops Can Still Pull Data Off Your Locked iPhone, In Spite Of Apple | Wired

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emojicon.png Apple CEO Tim Cook Throws Barbs At Facebook And Google In Privacy Letter | Fast Company

emojicon.png Only Surviving Recording Of The Very First Superbowl Is Because A Fan Recorded It, But You Can’t See It, Because Copyright | Techdirt

security . . .

emojicon.png Apple releases OS X 10.9.5 with fixes, new code signing requirements | Ars

emojicon.png About the security content of OS X Mavericks v10.9.5 and Security Update 2014-004 | Apple

emojicon.png About the security content of Apple TV 7 | Apple

emojicon.png About the security content of Safari 6.2 and Safari 7.1 | Apple

emojicon.png About the security content of iOS 8 | Apple

emojicon.png Apple security updates | Apple

emojicon.png Apple expands their Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID | Apple

Using app-specific passwords | Apple

emojicon.png Apple to Require App-Specific Passwords For Third-Party Apps Accessing iCloud | MacRumors

question . . .

emojicon.png Where are all of your Camera Roll photos in iOS 8? | AppAdvice

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emojicon.png iPhone 6 Teardown | iFixit

emojicon.png iPhone 6 Plus Teardown | iFixit

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emojicon.png 1Password 5 for iOS is here with App Extensions, Touch ID, new freemium price | AgileBits Blog

1Password; UA iTAS

Apps that Love 1Password | AgileBits Blog

1Password for iOS – Pro Features FAQ | AgileBits

1Password for iOS – Touch ID FAQ | AgileBits

1Password for iOS – Extension FAQ | AgileBits

emojicon.png TextExpander touch 3.0 Adds Custom Keyboard […] | Smile Software

TextExpander touch; UA iTAS | FAQ | Privacy Policy

Why does the TextExpander keyboard require Full Access? | Smile FAQ

Does the TextExpander keyboard work with my Bluetooth keyboard? | Smile FAQ

Where’s the dictation key? | Smile FAQ

How do I change [TE] keyboard settings (such as auto-capitalization, etc.)? | Smile FAQ

Why can’t I tap and hold the Smile key to switch keyboards? | Smile FAQ

It’s hard to tell when a key is tapped, can you fix that? | Smile FAQ

With the [TE] touch keyboard, why do I need a [TE] touch-enhanced app? | Smile FAQ

emojicon.png iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review: Iceland | Austin Mann

ooh shiny . . .

emojicon.png The new Kindle Voyage e-reader is shockingly good | The Verge

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emojicon.png Epic Zen Garden; UA iTAS

just for fun . . .

emojicon.png I let Apple’s QuickType keyboard take over my iPhone | The Verge

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